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TRD High Performance Oil filter Toyota MR2 mk3 1999-2007

Genuine TRD Performance oil filter
* More filtering surface
* Performance oil filter
* Increases oil flow to engine
* Solid steel canister
The arch-pleated media of this TRD performance Toyota MR2 oil filter removes 45% more particulates that can damage your vehicle motor under extreme driving conditions or competition which can cause undue wear.
Produced by TRD this performance oil filter plays a vital role in protecting your MR2 engine from premature wear when you are taking your vehicle to the limits or driving in extreme conditions. The low flow resistance of this TRD Toyota MR2 oil filter allows better circulation and filtering capacity designed for the high performance application to help protect your engines internal components. The powerful steel constructed casing of this TRD performance oil filter allows you to stand on the pedal without having to worry about the loss of oil pressure due to a collapsed oil filter.
* Features TRD logo
* TRD Japan Style filter
* Sold Individually
* Features High-Flow filter media
* Fits factory installed mounting
Suitable for all Toyota MR2 mk3 (MR-S Roadster) 1999-2007

Suitable For: mk3