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SPAX SSX spring kit 40mm Lowering Toyota MR2 mk2 2.0L 1989-2000

Spax SSX spring kit Toyota MR2 mk2 (W2) 1989-2000 2.0L
Lowering: Front 40mm-.Rear 40mm
lowered and Uprated Kit
-Spax spring kits are around 20% uprated over OE springs
-Top Quality Chrome Silicone Springs
-Epoxy Powder Coated Springs
-Full 2 Year Warranty Springs are an essential part of your cars suspension
system. They absorb much of the initial road shocks. SPAX SSX spring kits are ideal if you want to lower your car to get cool looks and a sportier ride.
Available for 1989-1994 Revision 1&2, and 1995-2000 Revision 3,4 and 5. Suitable for all MK2 models including turbo

Suitable For: mk2

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Year Choice: 1989-1994 £239.99
Year Choice: 1995-2000 £209.99