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KYB Rear Shock Absorber Damper Insert Toyota MR2 mk1 1984-1989

Toyota MR2 mk1 AW11 1.6L
New rear shock absorber insert.
Brand: KYB
These are replacement inserts for the Rear struts.
These will fit all rebuildable rear shocks.
Available for:
MK1 A: Toyota MR2 mk1a 1984-08/1986
MK1 B: Toyota MR2 mk1b 1986-1989
Not suitable for the Supercharged Model
Suitable for UK and import models. Available single or as a pair.

Suitable For: mk1

Product Options

MK1A Single Rear £65.00
MK1A Pair Rear £130.00
MK1B Pair Rear £130.00
MK1B Single Rear £65.00